Out and About Means Watch Out!

Out and About Means Watch Out!

March 15, 2022

It’s finally here. While the pandemic isn’t completely over, people are getting vaccines, businesses are opening up, and trips are being planned.

All of that is great news. But it also means that many people who have been shut in at home are now out and about, and the roads are getting BUSY.

Lots of people driving after a break + new people from outside areas visiting = dangerous driving. Make sure you do the following to stay safe:

  • Drive defensively — Assume your fellow drivers are not paying attention. Make sure you know where they are and be proactive.
  • Ignore your phone — We keep saying this but the data backs it up. Save your texts and YouTube videos for after you get home.
  • Note out of state plates — If someone isn’t from around here, they are more likely to suddenly stop, turn without warning or be distracted by their phone.
  • Learn new traffic patterns — That intersection you’ve been using may be packed now. Try alternative routes to avoid congestion and accidents.

It’s great to be out, but the busier the roads the more likely you could be in an accident. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the freedom of being out, but stay cautious.